All the Good Girls Go to Hell

This song by Billie Eilish was published for her debut album When We All Fall Asleep - Where Do We Go?, and employs metaphor to convey "ideas, criticism, and feelings about global warming, particularly in the United States". The song is a call to action to fight the climate emergency; to tackle the rising oceans, melting icecaps, wildlife poisonings, and forest fires.

Hey, Stop Scrolling – Our Planet is Fucking Dying

From Wired Magazine: “In the TikTok video, Levanti, superimposed over an image of Earth on fire, says, ‘Hey, stop scrolling. Our planet is fucking dying.’ It’s gotten over 314,000 views and been shared nearly 14,000 times. There are over 5,000 comments, some of which are heartbreaking: ‘I am 13, does that mean my future children