WWF Free Rivers

“The WWF Free Rivers augmented reality app puts an entire landscape in your hands. Immerse yourself in its incredible virtual world, where you’ll meet the people and wildlife that live here.

Through this in-depth, interactive storytelling experience, learn how wildlife, people and entire landscapes depend on healthy, flowing rivers. Dam the river to see what happens, and then try a sustainable energy mix that keeps the river connected but still satisfies growing energy demands.”

-Description from the official WWF Website.

Through interaction with the app, children can learn about the effects to the environment when they make certain choices. It gives the user of the app responsibility of the river ecosystem complete with all kinds of animals and residents.

Hereby the app educates the user on these ecosystems, the water risks, protected areas and sustainable water-energy. With the focus on water physics, river maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration, the app shows the right and wrong actions concerning the treatment of rivers. WWF Free Rivers thus raises awareness of the users on water management and the ecosystems of rivers, through the virtual world.