Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game made for playstation and Xbox. The game is the latest chapter in the Resident Evil series. The Resident Evil games follow more or less the same story. This story includes living in an apocalyptic world where the so called ‘T-virus’ has taken over humans which leads to zombie plagues and organisms mutating in ‘scary’ creatures (bio-organic weapons). In the Resident Evil Village game you are able to play Ethan Winters, who is seen as the hero that takes on the zombies and the villains of the story. 

The environmental theme within the game comes from the apocalyptic storyline. This story shows the dangers of viruses and bio-organic weapons. As Ethan Winters follows a sort of eco-hero journey throughout the game it can be said that the protagonist is seen as the worst environmental situation. This situation where zombies and ‘scary’ creatures have the control is the ‘horror’ part of the story. Therefore, it can be said that the horror is portraying what could go wrong on an environmental level. Another interesting approach from green media studies is looking at the ecofeminist elements embedded into the Resident Evil: Village game (Pinder, 2021).

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