PandaDroom, internationally known as PandaVision, is a 4D short film created by Dutch amusement park The Efteling, in cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature. The film ran for 17 years (2002 – 2019) before ultimately being removed from the amusement park. The short film raises awareness of different environmental issues and what effects these issues have on nature and animals. It uses 4D effects and animation to bring different animals to life and take the viewer on a journey through different living environments, showing the atmosphere before and after the environmental issue in question takes place.

You can watch the full short film below:

PandaDroom connects to the idea of green media as the entire film is centered around three ongoing environmental issues: global warming, large scale fishing and mass deforestation. It makes use of 4D effects to make the experience feel authentic and real to the audience and tries to raise awareness through making the viewers empathize with the animals on screen. Therefore, it connects well to environmental communication studies.

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