Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is the direct sequel of 2012 Arkane Studios’ awarded Dishonored. The story takes place a few years past the events of the first chapter, and lets the player take on the role of Empress Emily Kaldwin. Usurped of her throne by the Duke Luca Abele, she embarks on a journey through the southern isle of Serkonos in search of revenge. The gameplay is similar to the first entry in the series, with a few additions.

  • The bloodflies are swarming insects that work in a similar way to the rats of the first Dishonored game: if the player feeds them with incapacitated enemies, they can eventually proliferate
  • Empress Emily Kaldwin is characterized as a monarch willing to listen to the people’s needs. She eventually issues laws against the use of whale oil as a source of energy, for example
  • The issue is addressed also by the scientific progress seen in the first game, as new sources of (more sustainable) energy are discovered
  • On the other hand, the narrative background emphasizes the difficulties related to the shift from whaling to other forms of labor
  • Nevertheless, whales remain a source of food and are connected to the game world esotericism, as their bones serve as catalyzers for magic and mystic powers
  • The player has the power to take control of certain animals (hounds, fish, rats, and bloodflies) and also human NPCs. There are several achievements related to this shamanic power
Laborers in Karnaca official artwork of the game
Whale slaughterhouse in Karnaca – official artwork of the game