Never Alone

Never Alone, or Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, is a game developed in collaboration with native people of Alaska, called the Iñupiat. The game is about a young Iñupiat girl and a fox, who are trying to find the source of a devastating blizzard that is threatening their world. Together they have to travel through the Arctic with the help of nature spirits, to try and stop the blizzard. The game explores throughout this journey the cultural folklore of the Iñupiat Native Alaskan people.

The game is situated in the discourse about the way games can create awareness around climate change. One of the main topics of the game is how humans and nature have to work together in order to save each other. The game also offers ‘cultural insights’, in which people of the Iñupiat talk about the way climate change is effecting their lives. They also explain that nature is extremely important to them and should always be respected.

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