After Earth

Almost a thousand years into the future, is when the movie After Earth (2013) is set. It depicts a future where it is no longer safe for humans to live on planet Earth. However, Cypher Raigen and his son Kitai, crash at the dangerous planet and must try to survive together. With the father heavily injured, it is up to Kitai to explore the hostile grounds to locate the lost section of their ship and find the beacon, which they can use to signal a rescue team. During his quest, Kitai comes across many aggressive creatures which seem to have evolved, since the humans left the planet. Hereby it is shown that the Earth is no longer inhabitable and seems to have moved beyond the domination of humans.

In the context of Green Media Studies, the movie has a clear theme of “animal retribution.”  Humans no longer belong on planet Earth and the environment proofs that in many hostile ways. Therefore, the movie takes on a message concerning the notion of the “antropocene,” meaning that we are living in a geoligical era of our own making (Prince, 111-113). In After Earth, it shows a time where this particular era, seems to have passed.

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