Petrichor is a strategy board game for 1-4 players. Named after the constructed Greek word describing the earthy smell after rainfall, Petrichor focuses on action selection and area influence mechanics. In Petrichor each player becomes a cloud and aims to let as many crops grow as possible. A player can use for different actions, which are all interconnected, to move clouds, “vote” on the weather, let it rain and prepare for harvest.

Petrichor lets players experience the interconnectedness of weather and plant growth on a simple level. While one might criticise the game for its inaccurate portrayal of plant growth and the corresponding ecosystem, Petrichor creates awareness for what our environment needs to grow and flourish through the effects of different weather actions. Next to the weather actions, plants are also presented – not only as a theme – but as part of the game processes that let the players win and achieve their goal of a rich harvest. This way, Petrichor can contribute to combating plant blindness on a low level. Letting players become clouds, which they form and grow, to later not only nurture but also care for the plants they grow.

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