Fate of the World

Fate of the World is a global strategy game that puts the future of mankind in the player’s hands. The game presents a dramatic set of scenarios founded upon actual scientific research and covering the next 200 years, in which the user has to maintain balance between protecting the Earth’s resources and climate and the needs of an ever-growing world population. The goals of the scenarios vary between improving living conditions in Africa and preventing catastrophic climate change. “Will you help the whole planet, or will you be an agent of destruction?” – that is the question.

As Joost Raessens indicates, ecological games “seek to contribute to ecological thought and turn players into ecological citizens” (Raessens, 2019).
The ecological game Fate of the World fosters civic engagement by providing the player with the responsibility of distributing and balancing policies between twelve world regions, which in turn results in a plurality of stories based on the user’s decisions (Stoknes, 2015).
Moreover, these different stories also help players measure if they are changing in the right direction by specifying a list of win and lose conditions, including the Human Development Index and the amount of warming in degrees Celsius (Stoknes, 2015).

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