Luna’s Fishing Garden

From the game’s Steam page: “Luna’s Fishing Garden is a short, cozy fishing and building game. Become a part of a fairytale, catch fish, trade with the fox spirit, and create the garden of your dreams by planting new trees, placing water objects, and bringing animals to the archipelago.”

The developers encourage slow and paidic play, suggesting to “progress at your own pace” and that “you can’t lose in this [game]”. It emphasizes the link between gardening and eco identity stating that, “after you have completed the main plotline, you are welcome to stay and build your garden any way you want to”.
The game foregorunds serendipity, being described as “wholesome”, “relaxing”, welcoming (“This peaceful world welcomes everyone”) and “designed to take your worries away and immerse you in the colorful water world”.

  • Retraining perception: “simply relax and observe the world around you”.
  • Ambiguities/mastery: “hone your fishing skills” with each fish presenting an “extra challenge to catch”
  • Ambiguities/escalating growth: “tasked with creating the biggest garden ever”

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