From overhetij: “FOREST is a life-size board game for adults on the relationship between the human and her natural environment. You stand on the precipice of the age of the tree, the Dendrocene. Behind you lies the world as you know it. Before you lies a world with a different structure. To arrive in the Dendrocene, you need only be ready. You can’t leave yourself and your assumptions from the old world behind just like that. What you can leave behind is the fear of doing so.

FOREST is a board game and radio play in one. The game takes you along to another world, in which the classical relations between humankind and nature are shaken up. With cards, rules of play, and sound fragments to hand, you go on your way. Will you and your nine fellow players succeed in building a new world order? FOREST is the latest game from theater maker Emke Idema. In recent years, she has made many games that you can play as part of the audience. She has already received spots in residencies as a new maker, at Over het IJ among others, received the Joop Mulder Medal in 2019, and the newspaper Het Parool wrote “She is a pioneer in the area of forms of theater with an active audience.”