Climate Court

From the website: ” The Climate Court is a social enterprise designed to help you learn more about your current sustainable behaviours and challenge yourself to do better. You can use it to test yourself or one of your family or friends. You will see how sustainable you are in categories such as Transport, Food, Clothing and Energy.

If you have come here as a result of receiving a verdict and sentence from a friend or family member, please don’t worry, you are not going to jail! The app is just a bit of fun, but sadly the sentiment behind it is not. Download the app for free and find out for yourself.As a global community, we have less than 10 years to fundamentally change the way we use the planet’s resources otherwise the damage we are doing will be irreversible. Please use the Climate Court app to encourage people to look at their current behaviours and help them improve. After all, there is no vaccination against climate change.”