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Stefan Werning works as Associate Professor for Digital Media and Game Studies at Utrecht University, where he organizes the annual ‘Multidisciplinary Game Research’ summer school and coordinates the special interest group ‘Thinking Through Games’ within the Game Research focus area. He obtained his PhD (2010) in media studies from Bonn University and his venia legendi at Bayreuth University (2015). Stefan has been a visiting scholar (2005) and fellow (2006-2010) at the program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT. Moreover, he has worked in the digital games industry, most notably at Codemasters (2005) and Nintendo of Europe (2007-09).

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In Mediaobject: The Lion King (1994):
Jean Trenton argues that The Lion King presents an "androcentric society inhabited by nonhuman animals" and suggests androcentrism, i.e. a male-oriented or otherwise 'masculine' worldview, as a concept to both characterize and critique the film as an example of ecocinema (See http://www.ecomediastudies.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Annotated-Keywords-Trenton-Jean.pdf).

In Mediaobject: Poika ja ilves [Tommy and the Lynx]:
This is a dummy comment.

In Mediaobject: Fantastic futures? Cli-fi, climate justice, and queer futurity:
Addresses the concept of "allegorical fantasy" (100-101, 105)